Monday, 25 November 2013

All That Glitters Is Gold!

Hi there!

Today i have a really quick and easy manicure to show you.. that looks super glamorous! I used three polishes for this look and it took me less than an hour to do, and that's with a coffee break :P

To create this look i used these beauties..

W7 - Gold Dazzle
Barry M Texture - Countess
Max Factor - Fantasy Fire

Want to see photos now? Yeaaaah!


I know that Countess had been swatched eeeverywhere lately so i popped over a light coat of Fantasy Fire to bring out some red glitter as well. I then dabbed on some Gold Dazzle with a makeup sponge and voila.. super glitzy autumn nails :)

As much as i love the texture of this polish i had to pop on a topcoat, and i definitely prefer it this way. It really makes the glitter pop!

Which do you prefer? :)

Becky x

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Nails Inc - Snowflake.. £3 BARGAIN ALTERNATIVE!

Hi there!
Sorry for shouting in the title, i'm just pretty excited about this post! Now earlier in the week, Tuesday i believe, i was having a look through the latest posts on Bloglovin when i noticed a Nails Inc - Snowflake review by Eeeek! Nail Polish! and couldn't help but leave a comment. 

Now, i love nail polish. Heck, we all love nail polish right? And although i'm a bargain hunter, i can see why brands such as OPI and China Glaze charge higher prices because their colours and formulas are just shamazing. But i just dont understand the hype for Nails Inc. I've only got two bottles by them, and that's because they were free. I don't even use them. One is gloopy, and the other is streaky. Five more and i've got seven ugly dwarf nail polishes on my hands.. or nails. 

Now this post did catch my eye, and for the first time i craved a Nails Inc polish. But, as i put in my comment 1) I'm not a fan of Nails Inc, at all & 2) This is a polish i couldn't justify buying for myself, but would happily receive. 

Now, imagine my glee when the very next day i'm going through my delivery at work and spot a couple of boxes of nail polish with names i don't recognise. My hand reaches for the box entitled 'Fluffy'. I tear in to the box. I pull out a bottle. I see white chunky glitter. I squeal. My very own £3 version of Nails Inc Snowflake!

Check this beauty out!

This is only one coat of Claire's Accessories - Fluffy over one coat of Rimmel London - Mind The Gap, Victoria. I imagine two coats would change this from light snowfall to full on blizzard.. which would probably look even more awesome. I just think this is such a great polish for a cute glittery look that isn't overboard. Plus, with over blue it's so christmassy! I'm definitely going to try this over a blue to white gradient. I popped on a matte top coat which really completed the look for me.

Which do you prefer, glossy or matte?

And more importantly, do you prefer the Nails Inc £12 version or the Claire's £3 version? They do differ slightly, there's a lot more bigger bar glitter in the Claire's version, but i don't mind paying £9 less for that. So have i convinced anyone to go out and buy this polish or are you happy to pay for the Nails Inc version? Let me know in the comments below!

Oh, and you can check out the Eeeek! Nail Polish! review here :)

Becky x
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Thursday, 21 November 2013

£1 Polish Wednesday.. ish.

Hi guys!

As promised here is another £1PW post, just ignore the date today :P

This is another polish from Claire's Accessories, and was the first ever leather polish i purchased! I'm quite a big fan of textured polish, and ended up buying all of their collection. It's just so simple to pop on your nails, and really doesn't need any extras to bling it up!

This is three coats of the beige leather polish, and it's really easy to apply. Because it is such a light shade it did need three for full coverage, but the darker colours only need two. I think this is a great idea for a manicure for those in a professional job where bright nails aren't encouraged.. It's muted but still with a little something special. Plus you'll spend all day stroking your nails because the texture feels awesome!

What do you think, worth £1? Because this is old stock you might struggle to find any now but they have got leather polishes in their new style, with an added navy colour which is on my to buy list! I have got a polish from work to show you soon.. trust me when i say i actually squealed when i got it in delivery!

Bye for now! Becky x

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Stress, Work, Babies, Puppies & Nail Art!

Hello you wonderful people!

It feels sooo good to be writing a post again. Haven't done anything sinceee *double checks* OH MY GOD the 7th of November. That's like, 13 whole days of nothingness. Well, I've smacked myself on the wrist and hopefully it wont happen again!

This is just going to be a quick catch up on, well.. me. Just want to explain my absence really. (For those of you who don't want to read, there are photos and you can kind of get the gist of what I've been up to haha!)

I've basically had two crazy weeks at work. It seemed like after my key turn interview i was thrown in at the deep end a little, and I've been running the store quite a bit! We had a really important visit from some top dogs that work at Claire's, and as i was running the two days before they came it was my responsibility to get everything PERFECT. I pulled two crazy shifts and was totally exhausted but it was all worth it when the visit went really well.. Better than expected actually! And despite being shattered before the 'big day' so to speak, i just had to do some nail art using purple and white.. Claire's Accessories colours.

To create this look i used:
Claire's Accessories - Un-named Purple
OPI - Purple Glitter Sand
Seche Vite - Top Coat
Barry M - White Nail Art Pen
Gold Studs - eBay


Now, after a week of running on no sleep, working 24/7 and being completely deprived of any me time.. It's safe to say nails went out the window. You know what manicure i was sporting? None. My nails were butt nekkid. You want to see? I warn you, they aren't pretty.

Had to pop a filter on to hide that sexy yellow nail colour i have right now ;)

But it's not all gloom and doom! Remember me mentioning my sister in this post? Well more importantly, her bump? ..I'm an auntie! :D Not so little baby Grace was born on Thursday 14th November, and i couldn't be prouder of my sister. Now this is a photo you want to see..

Say hi to Grace everyone!

Me getting first cuddles!

Isn't she just scrumptious? :D 

So hopefully you can all let me off, I haven't been slacking I've just been a very busy bee! I finally had two days off on Monday and Tuesday though, and i guess i could have spent it painting my nails but i did have another offer.. Doing manicures, or cuddling up with four dogs and five puppies?

I chose puppies. Meet Pickle.

Can you really blame me? :P

Well that's it for my catch up post, hope you enjoyed reading it! I'm not entirely sure how i'm going to catch up with the 33DC, i'll probably resume it on Friday and then post a couple of catch ups at a time. I'll also do a £1 Polish post tomorrow, just ignore the fact it isn't Wednesday ;P

TTFN! Becky x

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Thursday, 7 November 2013

33 Day Challenge: A Pattern In Your Wardrobe


Hope you don't mind this being a day late, hopefully it's worth it! I created a skittle manicure for this challenge, inspired by one of my favourite dresses from ASOS. 

To create this look i used:
Sinful Colors - Snow Me White
Claire's Accessories - Un-named Black
Barry M - Black Nail Art Pen
Barry M - White Nail Art Pen

Here's a pic of me in the dress (yes, it's a little short!) and the nails to match :) I actually tend to match nails to my outfit anyway, so this is a constant challenge for me!

I used different sections of the dress to create a different look on every nail..

Whatcha think, you like them? Might attempt some more skittle mani's in the future, they're just so time consuming!

Til tomorrow, Becky x

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

£1 Polish Wednesday!

Hi there!

So today i bring you my usual £1 Polish Wednesday post.. only with two polishes! Since i forgot to post a £1PW last week i thought i'd show you two beautiful colours this week because im nice like that :P

So i present to you two gorgeous polishes, both from Claire's Accessories and both at the bargain price of one pound! This post is very picture heavy, mainly because i couldn't eliminate any photo's as the sparkles are just so pretty haha!

I used the dusky pink as a base and then topped it off with a holographic purple glitter top coat. The pink polish looks lovely on and has a matte finish, but is a little tricky when it comes to application. I found you had to paint fast, and in three quick sweeps. Forget fiddling, once it's on the nail that's it! It is worth it though, plus it dries super fast. 
As for the purple glitter.. well what can i say. It is stunning. If i could marry a polish, this would be one of my.. uhh.. partner choices? Yeah im not sure where i was going with that. Anyway! I only had to apply one coat to achieve this amount of glitter coverage, but i have no doubt you could overload a lot more on with another coat. But less chat, more photos!

In direct sunlight:

Blurred to show off that pretty glitter:

And in natural light:

So there we are, a nice pretty manicure that only cost £2.. yippee!

Just before i wrap up the post i thought i'd mention that today's 33DC challenge post will be up tomorrow due to work getting in the way of doing my nails! 

See you tomorrow, Becky x

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

I'm Blue Da Ba Dee Da Ba Dieee

Hi there!

Just a quick mani to show you today, using my favourite colour.. blue! 
This is a beautiful deep blue from Claire's Accessories. I used two coats for this mani, but it still looks quite sheer in natural light so could have done with one more coat. I finished off the ring finger with a black and white graffiti glitter polish from Claire's new range. 

Til tomorrow! Becky x
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