Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Pastel Crackle Nails & A Blog Makeover!

Hello there!

So if you haven't noticed already, i've made a few changes to the blog! It's a little more to my taste now, but i still have a few little tweaks to make here and there. I've added links to the left for my Facebook page, Pinterest and Instagram links. My Instagram account is mainly devoted to my nails but you'll find a few snaps of my life included in there as well! I've also added a Popular Posts feature to the right hand side. I'm sure i'll end up changing it again sometime in the future but for now i'm happy.. I'd love to know what you think!

Now on to the nails. After seeing this beautiful manicure by Nail Polish Wars it really inspired me to use a crackle polish, something i've only ever done once before! I started with a blue base and sponged on a lilac and light blue polish over the top. I then used a white crackle polish for the middle and ring finger, then finished them with a little gold stud. I free handed the pattern on my index and pinkie with a nail pen, and topped it all off with a matte top coat!

For this look i used:
Avon Wet & Wild - Roaring Blue
Claire's Accessories - Lilac & Light Blue (both un named)
Claire's Accessories - White Crackle
Barry M - White Nail Art Pen
Born Pretty - Matte Top Coat

I've really been enjoying darker manicures at the moment so this was a nice change for me! 
Hopefully you've noticed the changes to my photos now? I'm trialing the softer corners and i've also changed my watermark which has made my life so much easier.. no more typing out Pause For Polish on every photo!

I'd love to know your views on what i've posted today, whether it's on the blog/photo changes or the mani!
See you soon! 
Becky x

Monday, 27 January 2014

What I'm Wearing (Although, I'm Not)

Hi there!

So one way i think i can make blogging more manageable for myself is to do a little 'What I'm Wearing' post every now and again, with a few photos and just a little bit about the look. I'll still do longer posts, especially with more detailed nail art, but i think this keeps you all updated without sending me in to blogging over drive.

This is actually a look i wore the other day, as my nails right now are absolute nubbins due to FOUR breaks in one day. Yes, i very well nearly cried.

Okay, i did cry.

To create this look i used:
Claire's Accessories - Pretty (3 coats shown)
Barry M - Black and White Nail Art Pens
Seche Vite - Top Coat

It isn't the most precise or detailed manicure i've ever done but i was still quite happy with it! I know i harp on about Claire's Accessories polish quite a lot, but since they launched their new bottles they've really upped their game with colours and toppers. I feel like i've now got a big enough range of their new style polish to do a swatching post soon and really try and turn some of you in to lovers of Claire's like i am! 

See you again soon,
Becky xx

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

It's So Fluffy I'm Gunna Die!

Hi people!

So i'm hoping you know where today's post is going.. A subtle reference to Despicable Me of course! I swear to God if i ever have a kid i want her to be just like Agnes. 

Anywhom, this was supposed to be a quick manicure just so i didn't have naked nails for work. I somehow got unicorns in to my head and one thing led to another..

For this look I've used:
Sinful Colors - Easy Going
Revlon - Popular
Seventeen - Glitter Top Coat
Barry M - White & Black Nail Art Pen
Barry M - Gold Metallic Polish
Sinful Colors - 24/7 (Neon Pink)

I love wearing Popular, it's an instant pretty manicure without having to add to it. Although I don't mind an added Unicorn, you can never be mad with his little tongue poking out on your thumb.

Til next time! Becky x

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Guess who's back, back again.

Hi there people!

So i'm finally back with some nail art for you after an unscheduled break from blogging. Before i jump to the photo's and tell you about polish used etc. i just want to talk a little bit about why i'm not posting so frequently. If this doesn't interest you then feel free to scroll down, i'll never know!

It was after reading this post written by Debbie from The Crumpet regarding 'blogger burnout' that i thought i'd take the opportunity to write about why i've been so absent lately. I know a lot of it has been to do with work, i've been doing 8 days on and 1 day off at the moment. It's tiring and it doesn't leave a lot of time and motivation for doing my nails. Not to mention they are all insanely short and breaking all the time due to the frequent use of hand sanitizer (I pierce ears and have to apply it twice for each piercing, bad times). 

But also mentioned is that a lot of women in the nail art (or any creative) community suffer with depression. This can mean a lot of things to different people, and everyone is affected by it in different ways. I'd probably say it started for me when i was a young teenager, and unfortunately i do still get bouts of it now. Sometimes it can just be a day or two of feeling a little low, and sometimes i can spend weeks being withdrawn and honestly just a little numb. It's times like this when all creativity and inspiration goes away completely, and it takes all the motivation in the world just to get out of bed. 

Unfortunately recently i've felt this way. I'm highly critical of everything i do, and even with my nails i judge myself far too fiercely. I started this as a new creative hobby that i found fun and interesting. It has infact replaced another hobby of mine which was cake decorating, as i'm unable to do it after moving back home. So that's what i'd like to focus on, getting some fun and life back in to my nail art and blog. My posts might still be a little all over the place, but that's better to me than withdrawing completely!

I'm sure that this is something i'll talk about in the future but for now i'm going to show you the nail art i wore yesterday for work as they were nice and fun! We decided to dress up in 80's gear as our store recently got all of our neon tutu's and legwarmers back in :) 

To create this look i used:
Sinful Colors - Black on Black
Claire's Accessories - Confetti
Chit Chat - Purple Glitter
Sinful Colors - 24/7
Seche Vite - Top Coat
Dotting tool & Striping tape

Oooh and i forgot to mention i got a new camera for christmas, this is my first attempt with it! Still got some fine tuning to do but i've noticed a big difference in quality already :) 

Want a close up of Confetti? Course you do! It's a newbie at Claire's Accessories and only costs £3, you're welcome ;)

And uh, just for entertainment purposes.. This is me, in 80's glory. Again, you're welcome.

If anyone has any questions or would like to talk about anything i mentioned today then feel free to drop me a comment or add me on facebook. Oh and as a side note if you'd like to check out the cakes i used to make i have a facebook page for that as well called Bubba's Bakery.

Hope this post didn't bore you or scare you all off! Much love to everyone who reads this,
Becky x

Friday, 3 January 2014

Bling It On!

Hi there!

Did you find your camera cord? I hear you ask.

Why yes, i sure did!

Here's a couple of snaps of my previous manicure, although this was after a days wear at work so the gems didn't stay quite the same.. *pouts* But i still think it looks okay, not used to that much sparkle on my nails anyway! The polish is Sand Effect - Claire's Accessories, and shown is one coat. I love sand effect polishes and Claire's have released four colours now, all of which are stunning. The gems are also from Claire's and are currently in the sale for only £1.50, with a range of colours.

On to the photos!

Literally drooling at the sparkle of that polish!

I actually think i prefer the gems a little more toned down, so either way i'm happy! Should hopefully have start forming a routine soon for when i'll be posting, so keep an eye out. Much love to everyone!
Becky x

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

New Year, New Manicure.

Hello you beautiful people!

So i thought i'd be all sneaky and post a manicure today and surprise you all with how quickly i got a post together. HOWEVER. Things haven't gone my way today at all. And so even though i've got plenty of photos, and was happy with the way it turned out.. i can't for the life of me find my camera cord. So i'm afraid i only have this picture from Instagram to share with you all. But be assured i'll post about the look properly once i've found it.. the polish is too beautiful to settle for a phone picture!

I'll try and get more photos up soon.. hope you all had a better new year than i did!
Becky x

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