Tuesday, 22 October 2013

I Challenge You Not To Challenge..?


'What's this?' I hear you ask. 'A post on a tuesday, that isn't a challenge?'

Why yes, you'd be right! I know the past couple of weeks have only been challenge posts because i've been swamped at work. So hopefully (but don't count on it too much haha) i'll be injecting a few more non 33DC manicures in to my blogging :)

Today i wore this cute little manicure which was based on a design i found on the internet a while back. There's lots of versions out there so this isn't my own idea at all, i just really liked it and wanted to try it out!

I used a nail hardener base from Claire's Accessories and a black shimmer polish from Claire's as well. The collar was drawn using a Barry M white nail art pen, and the gold buttons were drawn with a gel pen. And of course, sealed with my trusty Seche Vite. 

Hope you liked it! See you tomorrow for the 33DC abstract manicure and £1 PW. Just to refresh your memory here's the list of challenges to come..

Bye for now, becky x


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