Monday, 21 October 2013

33 Day Challenge: Chinese

Dàjiā hǎo, Hello everyone!

So i'm getting better at posting these challenges on time! The past couple of weeks have been spent training up in my store to become a key holder, so needless to say i've been a pretty busy bee. However i had my interview today and i'm happy to say i passed! So i should hopefully have more time to do my nails from now on.. hooray!

Anyway less chat, more challenge! Today's theme was Chinese and i immediately knew i wanted to do cherry blossom nails. It's obviously not an original idea but they look so pretty and i'd yet to try them out so thought why not! To achieve this look i used a beige Claire's Accessories base (2 coats), a beige/gold shimmer polish; again from Claire's and Seche Vite to seal. For the branches i used Barry M Black Nail Art Pen and a red polish for the petals from, you guessed it, Claire's Accessories. (Can you tell i own pretty much every colour from my work lol?)

So here are the pics!

Tadaa! Hopefully you like them, and if you'd like to create them yourself then i've put together a little tutorial below!

That's it for today, hopefully will post tomorrow otherwise it'll be on Wednesday for the next 33DC post!
Becky x

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