Tuesday, 15 October 2013

£1 Polish Wednesday!

Hi there!

So as today is Wednesday i'll be bringing you a swatch and review of another £1 polish! Today is a polish called Sea by Sally Hansen which was used as the base for my 33DC Flowers mani. I found this in my local Poundland, right behind a load of old, gunky, separated polishes. I think i've mentioned before that it's always worth digging deep and checking all of the colours and brands that they have. For every twenty gross looking polishes there should be one pretty one! 

This is a really light green polish, and has a very sheer coverage. In hindsight i really should have painted a white coat on my nails before using this.. but i didn't, and i highly regretted it! If i can, i'll try and get away with one coat of polish. Usually i'll settle on two. But this bad boy.. five coats. FIIIIIIVE!

Before you recoil in horror and vow never to buy this polish.. let me give you some positives. Firstly this drys really quickly, i managed five coats in the time it usually takes to do three. Secondly, well the colour is just gorgeous! It really brightened my day, especially as it was so dull outside that they constantly caught my eye. And thirdly, it smelled really good! I know that's an odd point to make and yeah i probably shouldn't be sniffing nail varnish.. But i wasn't hit with the usual smell, instead an almost floral smell. This is my first polish from Sally Hansen so i can't say if they all smell that way but it was definitely a treat for my ol' nosey!

Anyway on to the pics!

So what do you think? Definitely worth the pound.. but is it worth the effort of five coats? Well, at least it isn't a bank breaker!
Becky x

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