Wednesday, 9 October 2013

£1 Polish Wednesday


So today was supposed to be my chevron post for the 33 Day Challenge + a £1 Polish Wednesday post. However, sometimes things don't quite go to plan. I've had such a hectic day; well i use hectic a little lightly. Okaayyy, essentially i've spent all day playing with my insanely gorgeous one year old niece. There i said it, i'm a big fat challenge posting failure.

So unless i can get my bum off the sofa and whack out a chevron manicure, photograph said nails and then edit said photos and then well.. post them, all before midnight.. I'm afraid my chevron entry is just going to have to be a day late. HOWEVER. To post a £1 Polish Wednesday on a Thursday is just, well, unthinkable. To break the laws of a challenge and deny you a bargain polish with it's own little catchphrasey type thing in the same day might just send the Earth spinning in to a catastrophic melt down.. or something to that effect.

(You're damn right i made my own internet funny thing.. i'm so hip.)

Anyway, enough of the tom foolery! On with the bargain polish!
Today i bring to you a gorgeous purple multi tonal polish from Claire's Accessories. You can currently pick this beauty up for yes, just £1 at most Claire's stores. You may find that some places have sold out, and that's because all of their old polish has been reduced to make way for their swanky new stuff! I must admit, after my first coat i was definitely less than impressed. To put it bluntly it just looked dirty on my nails. But don't give up! Because apply that second coat and BOOM, you have stunningly sexy deep purple nails. The shine on these is just incredible. In some lights it can look blue, but that's okay because we all love a bit of blurple every now and again. For these photos i used three coats and sealed with Seche Vite.


Yeah.. I don't really know what that last photo is about. Anyway i think it's about time i wrap this shambolic post up with three things i've learnt today. Firstly, it's impossible to create a neat, unchipped manicure when babysitting a one year old. Secondly, purple is a bitch to photograph. And thirdly, never write a blog post on a sugar high.

So that's it for today, will post my 33DC chevron manicure as soon as i can! 
Much love, Becky x

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