Wednesday, 2 October 2013

£1 Polish Wednesday


So my first post tonight is another £1 Polish Wednesday feature! I am extremely happy with this little find, as i've been after a light bluey/grey polish for a while. This was purchased from my local Poundland and you should have seen the smile on my face when i found it! They had quite a few well known brands but a lot of the bottles had seen better days. Regardless i kept digging until i laid my hands upon this beauty..

What do you think? I'm obviously in love with the colour! Application was really easy and i built up a solid opaque colour using three coats. There is actually a really subtle electric blue shimmer in this polish, and i was a little disappointed when it didn't appear on the nail, only in the bottle. However fear not! When i applied a matte top coat to act as the base for my tribal nails there it was, in all its shimmering glory.

Stay tuned for the next 33DC post, today's theme is mexican! 
Ciao for now, Becky x

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