Friday, 4 October 2013

33 Day Challenge: Texture


So today has been a good nail day! Not only am I on time and incredibly happy with my 33DC manicure i also won a Models Own competition! I literally never win things, so i'm stupidly excited to have been a runner up. I received a £10 gift voucher which meant i could treat myself to the two Models Own polishes i've been eyeing up for a while, show below. As soon as these arrive i'll be trying them out!

Aqua Violet - Beetlejuice Collection & Amethyst - Velvet Goth Collection

Now it's on to the manicure! Today's theme was texture and at first i was just going to attempt a glitter sand gradient. But then i stopped, and really thought about it. I'm so glad i challenged myself with this because the results came out pretty well! Scroll down to see the pics!

I'm honestly so chuffed that i achieved something like this! It was quite stressful mind, i do believe a few naughty words were muttered whilst weaving the polish. I've put a few pics of the process together so you can kind of get the jist of how i did it. To create this mani i used OPI's Liquid Sand - Can't Let Go and a silver Glitter Sand - Claire's Accessories. I essentially painted three coats of Seche Vite over grease proof paper, and then topped it off with both colours. Once dry i cut out the little strips and then began to weave them together. I'll pretend it didn't take a day and an age, and almost send various polishes flying in to the wall! I then popped the design on my nails using Seche Vite to keep it in position. Cut the strips to fit the nail and voila.. textured weave manicure! 

Hope you enjoyed this one as much as me! Becky x


  1. WOW way to be dedicated. I would of gave up after one nail! lol. Looks Awesome!!

    1. Aw thankyou :) I was aiming for the whole hand but after a couple of hours i gave up on the idea haha!

  2. wow. cool looks like a lot of work to get those strips cut perfectly to your nail. great work

  3. These nails are phenomenal! Great job!

  4. This is so clever, It looks amazing :)

  5. How creative is this! You're incredibly talented- great job!


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