Thursday, 31 October 2013

Happy Halloweeeeen!

Hi guys!

Just a quick post to say happy Halloween, hope everyone enjoys the day.. even if it's spent snuggled under a duvet watching horror films and pigging out on the sweets for the "trick or treaters". (lets face it, it just makes sense to buy the snacks you like just in case no one turns up!)

I created a simple manicure today as i didn't have the time for a full scale nail art look. *pouts* However i also have my pumpkins to show you!

To create this look i used:
Claire's Accessories - Black
ELF - Fairy Dust
Seche Vite - Top Coat
Barry M - White Nail Art Pen 

This is just to show you how pretty the ELF - Fairy Dust is over a black base.. In day light the red and green glitter shows up amazingly!

Annnd now for the fun part.. my pumpkins! Last year i carved one for the first time and created a cookie monster, but this year i wanted to do something a little different. And so i bring to you.. Painted Despicable Me pumpkins! :)

And there's only one way i can end this post..

Cya tomorrow! Becky x 

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

33 Day Challenge: Art With Your Favourite Brand


So i'm pretty excited to share today's post with you guys! I took this challenge two ways.. favourite brand of nail polish and favourite brand in general. So i bring to you.. Sinful Colors - Ben and Jerry's nails! 

I don't think i'm alone in loving Sinful Colors right now. At only £2 for a generous sized bottle, you really can't beat the value. And despite the cheap price, every single bottle i've brought has a gorgeous colour and a really easy application. It was a no brainer to choose this brand!

To create this look i used:
Sinful Colors - Snow Me White 
Sinful Colors - Why Not (sky gradient)
Sinful Colors - Rise & Shine (grass)
Barry M - Black Nail Art Pen
Barry M - White Nail Art Pen
Seche Vite - Top Coat

So what do you think? Certainly made me want to go and buy a tub of half baked! Mmmm... *drools*

See you soon! Becky x

Monday, 28 October 2013

33 Day Challenge: South America

Hi guys!

Now i must admit i was actually dreading this challenge as i didn't have the foggiest idea what manicure to create. However after talking to my good friend google, i finally thought of a design! My thought process went a little like this.. South America is known for > Amazon Rainforest. Amazon is known for > Lots of interesting animals. Amazon animals on google > Tree frog. And uh, that's what i went with!

To create this look i used:
Sinful Colors - Courtney Orange
Miss Sporty - Pop Fiction (Clubbing Colours)
Barry M - Black Nail Art Pen
Seche Vite - Top Coat

And here is the manicure and also a little pic of the fella that inspired it :)

Isn't he a cutie?!

So that's it for today's post, hope you liked it!
Becky x

Friday, 25 October 2013

33 Day Challenge: Animals

Hi there!

So today's challenge is animals. I did have a vision in my head of doing something super cute based around pugs since they are, in my humble opinion, the greatest thing on this planet. Howeeeever.. I've had a cruddy day and my face somewhat actually resembles a pugs right now, in the sense that i couldn't have a bigger frown on if i tried.

So in order to replicate my mood on to my nails, and stick to the theme of course, there was only one solution. Grumpy Cat.

To create this manicure i used:
Claire's Accessories - Un-named Blue
W7 - Salt 'n' Pepper
Seche Vite - Top Coat
Barry M - Black Nail Art Pen
Various Acrylic Paints

Bring on the grumpiness!

I'm actually kind of pleased with how these turned out, and i must admit doing a fun manicure like this always cheers me up.. in a stressful this-has-to-be-perfect way. That's it for the challenges this week, so there's only one thing left to say..

"Grumpy cat, do you like my nails?"

Well you can't please everyone can you!
Becky x

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Oh Yeah, Wait A Minute Mister Postman!

Hello there!

I wasn't actually planning on writing a post today, but after coming home from work and receiving my W7 order from nailpolishdirect i literally couldn't wait to swatch some! Unfortunately since i got home pretty late the pictures aren't fantastic quality but i've tried to get the colours as close to real life as possible.

Here are my little beauties! They only cost £1.99 each, with free delivery when you spend over £10. They also have an option to like a page on facebook to get £1 off your order.. so i brought 6 bottles for just £11 :)

On with the swatches!

First up is Lava Flow which is a gorgeous indie style polish. The base is a grey/violet colour with plenty of red and black glitter. It's a brilliant formula, it only took two coats to become opaque and the glitter spreads really evenly. It's completely different to any polish in my collection and i'm in love with it! I get complete indie jealously as i'm a bit of a bargain buyer so can't afford the indie brands, so this beauty can be my substitute!

Secondly we have Pink Suede. I already own W7's blue suede which i love, but this colour trumps it by far! I'm usually not one for pinks, but this is such a gorgeous deep pink i just love it. Again this was opaque in two coats. I added a top coat to see what it would look like without the matt finish and it looked nice, but i definitely prefer the matt look. The only niggle i have with this polish is the application. You have to be quiiiick. If you take your time it drags, a lot. So as long as you don't have too much on the brush and don't take too long there shouldn't be any issues. Trust me though, it's worth the tricky application.


Next up is Space Debris. This polish is probably the epitome of pretty. It's a stunning light red/coral colour with some pinky undertones. And it is full of multi colour glitter. It took two coats for an opaque finish but i think i'd go for three if i was going to keep the manicure for a few days. I can definitely see myself wearing this colour in the summer! (Note: they appear a lot lighter in photographs)

Lastly we have a swatch of Gold Dazzle. I applied this as two accent nails as i didn't want the hassle of taking them off all five fingers! With two coats this gold was pretty much opaque, which i'm in awe over. Most glitters take me about 4/5 coats so i'm so happy with this one. It's also the first gold glitter i've purchased so it's a great first buy! I think if i had the patience to use this as a complete manicure it literally would be dazzling. Heh.


I still have two left to try out but i'll be saving them for another day. Hopefully you can get a good idea of how they look despite the poor photo quality! But trust me when i say they are all prettier in real life. Also nailpolishdirect is a brilliant online retailer to buy from, the delivery is always really quick despite being free over £10, it's worth checking out!

Til tomorrow, Becky x

(These products were purchased by me and all opinions/reviews are my own)

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

£1 Polish Wednesday

It's me again!

This is my fourth post this week already and it's only Wednesday, what's going on?! Anyway here is the next £1 PW feature, which just so happens to be the polish i used for this 3D challenge mani

Now i'm not usually a red person, i probably only have about 7 reds out of my 160 polish collection. That being said this is such a beautiful, deep shimmering red that i just had to have it! I brought this polish roughly a month ago but it's still available on the ELF website if you click here. They also currently have a 50% of everything promotion (if you spend £20 or more) meaning you could pick up a fair few full price polishes for just £10 after discount.. schweeet!

Back to the polish! It's called Cranberry and as i said before it's a really deep red, the photo's make it a little lighter than in real life. It has a slight gold shimmer to it which catches beautifully in the sunlight. The application was fine, it was opaque in two coats. The only issue i had with the polish was removing it, as it was a little stubborn to get off around my cuticles, but nothing a bit of patience and polish remover couldn't fix. I'd definitely recommend buying this little varnish, it's a perfect fall/winter shade! 

So what do you think, will you be buying this? And more importantly do you prefer it on human hands or a 'dragons'..? :P

Bye for now! Becky x
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