Saturday, 28 September 2013

Better Late Than Never

Hi guys :)

So as promised i'm posting the Sinful Colors swatches today. My collection seems to grow weekly so i'll be doing a few of these posts in groups of three's. Today we have reds and pinks! On with the photos.. There's quite a few!

 First up in a stunning, shimmery red called Sugar Sugar. This polish could easily pass as a one coater but for photos i've used two coats. I'm really not a red fan, i think i only have about four in my collection.. but i adore this polish. The subtle gold shimmer is absolutely gorgeous and it's a nice deep red which has instantly made it my new favourite red! 

Next up we have Forget Now.. which i won't be forgetting at ALL. Now for those of you who don't know me, i'm not actually much of a girly girl; don't let this polish addiction fool you. But my god, this pink. I almost have no words to describe just how much i love it! I know this might not be for everyone, i didn't even think it would be for me.. But the shimmer, the brightness, the everything! Again this could easily be a one coater but i did two just because i wanted to haha. And let me just tell you the photos just don't do it justice!

And last but not least we have You Just Wait. This is a sheer, pale pink with gorgeous gold (and slightly green) shimmer in. In most light this does look more goldy green, but in shadows it is a gorgeous pink. Because it's quite sheer you will need a few coats to build up a strong colour. When i've worn this in the past i've layered it over a normal pink polish but this is just four coats of You Just Wait. I ended up popping on a matte top coat which completely changed the look of the polish, in my opinion for the better. I'll be posting photo's of that mani later on.

So there you go! Overall i'm a very happy bunny with these polishes. They cover beautifully, the brushes don't drag the polish and they dry pretty quickly as well. Besides, at £2 a bottle (currently buy one get one half price in Boots) you really can't complain!

Before i go i just thought i'd let you guys know i'll be taking part in the latest crumpet 33 day challenge! I'm a few days late so i'll officially be joining Monday and then posting the three mani's i've missed throughout the week. To say i'm excited is an understatement!

Have a good weekend lovelies! Becky x 

Friday, 27 September 2013

Yesterday Seems So Far Away..

Okay so i might have gotten a little too involved with watching Face Off last night, and i might have forgotten to post yesterdays manicure.. just a little bit. So instead i'll be saving the Sinful Color swatches for tomorrow and sharing the mani with you today! 

For this look i used two coats of MUA - Frozen Yogurt for the purple nails, and one coat of Sinful Colors - Snow Me White for the thumb and ring finger. For the chevron print i used Barry M's black nail art pen and free handed the design. Then to spruce up the purple nails i used Seventeen - Off The Wall Black Graffiti Effect and made the gradient using a cotton bud. I sealed it all off with a matte polish by ELF. For some reason this reminds me of the 80's, which wasn't exactly what i was going for when i started this mani but i'm definitely happy with the results! The only thing i could grumble about is the black line work because for me, the black Barry M pen always seems to crack. I never have an issue with the white pen though.. anyone else have this problem?

Anyway.. It's time for the piccys!

Before I leave you i'm going to show you my 'accidental' nail polish haul from today. Technically, it wasn't supposed to be this big, but you know how things go.. One turns in to two and then suddenly you have thirteen new polishes staring you in the face. My bad. But there is one saving grace.. Only one of these cost me more than £1. Oh yeah, you read that right, just one. And even then the most expensive was only £2. I know how to bargain shop :P 

So here are my new babies, ready to be swatched and loved!

See you tomorrow! Becky x

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Follow Me.. To The Dark Side

Actually despite the title, you can just follow me on Facebook if you prefer! Whenever I post on here i'll be providing a link on my Facebook page. I'll also be updating with photos from my Instagram which won't be put up here as I'd like to keep the blog a little more uniform. I might even put little sneak previews of upcoming mani's or nail swatches.. So if you're eager little beavers then it just makes sense to hit like :P

You can find me on Facebook HERE!

Or alternatively just click on one of the photos below and it will take you to the album they're in on Facebook. These are just a few examples of my pre-blog mani's taken on Instagram!

Will hopefully be putting up my first swatching post for Sinful Colors tomorrow so keep an eye out for that! And if you're super lucky I might even get my bum in to gear and post today's manicure for you.. aren't I nice :P

Ciao for now! Becky x

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

£1 Polish Wednesdays

Hello again! 
I know I'm only three posts in and I'm well aware that it will take some time before my blog becomes structured and I develop a comfortable way to write. I'm still thinking up ideas about how I'd like my blog to run in the future, what kind of posts I'd like to, even what kind of writing style I'll settle in to. Do I want to be formal, giving detailed reviews and swatches? Do I want to be laid back, writing the same way as I think? And if that is the case, how much personality can I inject before it becomes too much.. Is it okay to say 'lol'? If something is incredibly awesome can I *gasp* swear in excitement? And lastly, how much of myself do I want to include in this blog. Sharing little insights in to my personal life is okay, but too much and I might only have myself to blame if I develop stalkers down the line. 

Anyway, the whole point of that little paragraph is that whilst I'm learning and growing in this vast interweb of blogs, I'd like to have a little bit of structure already. And so I introduce to you lovely people.. One pound polish Wednesdays! As I already confessed, I am a total bargain buyer. So a large variety of my polish collection has only cost me.. you guessed it, £1 per bottle.  So every Wednesday I'll be reviewing and swatching various £1 polishes, because I promise you can pick up some amazing bargains!

Today we start with a polish from Claire's Accessories. As I mentioned before all of their old stock has been reduced to £1 so I've probably picked up almost all of their colours. This polish looks slightly green in the bottle but comes out as a sky blue on the nail. It's slightly sheer but I managed a nice even finish with only two coats. The polish has gorgeous blue, purple and gold glitter and definitely has an indie look to it. I think it's a great example of how good your nails can look for just £1 :) 


Well that's it for today, hope you're happy about £1 polish W'days :)

Monday, 23 September 2013

All Laced Up

So I'm kicking off my blog with a quick and simple manicure I did earlier today. I used two coats of Easy Going by Sinful Colors and sealed with Barry M's 3in1 Topcoat. I then used Barry M's white nail art pen to create a simple lace pattern on each nail. You do have to be quite close to see the pattern as it is so faint, but that actually appeals to me more. I could definitely imagine this as a soft, pretty bridal manicure! 

I'm absolutely in love with Sinful Colors at the moment. At only £2 a bottle I've already brought about 10 of them! I'm just going to throw it out there.. I am a bargain polish buyer. With the exception of gifts from friends and family, all of my polishes cost me less than £5! I work at Claire's Accessories so you will probably find a lot of their brand polishes crop up.. but I genuinely love their formula and colours anyway. But don't take my word for it, in all Claire's stores black top nail varnish are all £1. I'm talking crackles, neons, summer colours, pastels, glitters, top coats etc. They've recently launched their new polishes, which means all of the old ones need to be sold to make way for them. But once they're gone that's it ladies!

Anyway, here's a couple of pics for you guys :)

Hope you like it!
Much love, Becky.

First Post Jitters

Hello there!
My name is Becky, i'm 21 and live in Somerset, England.
In recent months i've found myself being pulled in to the vast world of nail art, and i've started building up a collection of polishes, tools and various other nail trinkets. I'm quite an arty person and I can only manage a plain manicure for about ten minutes before I get bored, so for me the more extreme the better!

If you're wondering about the name of the blog, it's simple.. For me, there is nothing better than spending 2 hours on a manicure, to go out shopping or wherever and have someone stop what they're doing to look at my nails. When people pause for polish, you know you've done a good job.

Now I told myself once I hit 100 nail polishes i'd start a blog so here I am, although i'm currently at 114.. with five more on their way via post! My aim for this site is to showcase all of my manicures (even the failures, we all have to learn) and hopefully some tutorials along the way. If i can help someone achieve nail art that they didn't think they were capable of, it would make me feel awesome!

Like I said, I am just a newbie as i've been dabbling for a few months now.. But I feel i've reached a level that's internet worthy (at least I hope so anyway haha). So sit tight, get some polish at the ready and join me on my little nail polish adventures!
Much love, Becky.
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