Wednesday, 25 September 2013

£1 Polish Wednesdays

Hello again! 
I know I'm only three posts in and I'm well aware that it will take some time before my blog becomes structured and I develop a comfortable way to write. I'm still thinking up ideas about how I'd like my blog to run in the future, what kind of posts I'd like to, even what kind of writing style I'll settle in to. Do I want to be formal, giving detailed reviews and swatches? Do I want to be laid back, writing the same way as I think? And if that is the case, how much personality can I inject before it becomes too much.. Is it okay to say 'lol'? If something is incredibly awesome can I *gasp* swear in excitement? And lastly, how much of myself do I want to include in this blog. Sharing little insights in to my personal life is okay, but too much and I might only have myself to blame if I develop stalkers down the line. 

Anyway, the whole point of that little paragraph is that whilst I'm learning and growing in this vast interweb of blogs, I'd like to have a little bit of structure already. And so I introduce to you lovely people.. One pound polish Wednesdays! As I already confessed, I am a total bargain buyer. So a large variety of my polish collection has only cost me.. you guessed it, £1 per bottle.  So every Wednesday I'll be reviewing and swatching various £1 polishes, because I promise you can pick up some amazing bargains!

Today we start with a polish from Claire's Accessories. As I mentioned before all of their old stock has been reduced to £1 so I've probably picked up almost all of their colours. This polish looks slightly green in the bottle but comes out as a sky blue on the nail. It's slightly sheer but I managed a nice even finish with only two coats. The polish has gorgeous blue, purple and gold glitter and definitely has an indie look to it. I think it's a great example of how good your nails can look for just £1 :) 


Well that's it for today, hope you're happy about £1 polish W'days :)

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  1. Just a little tip, go to the £1 shops and rummage through, I have had many great bargains from there... (Most of the nail polishes on my blog are from them!)


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