Monday, 23 September 2013

First Post Jitters

Hello there!
My name is Becky, i'm 21 and live in Somerset, England.
In recent months i've found myself being pulled in to the vast world of nail art, and i've started building up a collection of polishes, tools and various other nail trinkets. I'm quite an arty person and I can only manage a plain manicure for about ten minutes before I get bored, so for me the more extreme the better!

If you're wondering about the name of the blog, it's simple.. For me, there is nothing better than spending 2 hours on a manicure, to go out shopping or wherever and have someone stop what they're doing to look at my nails. When people pause for polish, you know you've done a good job.

Now I told myself once I hit 100 nail polishes i'd start a blog so here I am, although i'm currently at 114.. with five more on their way via post! My aim for this site is to showcase all of my manicures (even the failures, we all have to learn) and hopefully some tutorials along the way. If i can help someone achieve nail art that they didn't think they were capable of, it would make me feel awesome!

Like I said, I am just a newbie as i've been dabbling for a few months now.. But I feel i've reached a level that's internet worthy (at least I hope so anyway haha). So sit tight, get some polish at the ready and join me on my little nail polish adventures!
Much love, Becky.

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