Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Luna Love - Space Dust | Rimmel London Swatch

Wanted to start this off with a quick thank you to the beautiful responses I received after my last post. I was obviously a little nervous about posting it but I appreciate all of your kind words, so thank you <3

Moving quickly on because i've got a beautiful polish to show off today! Now I won't lie, this isn't new. It's also been swatched a million times, but in the words of Icona Pop.. I don't care, I love it. I picked this up the other day in Boots as a freebie (thank you 3 for 2!) and it really was an unintentional find. Luna Love is part of Rimmel London's Space Dust collection, and is the only one that I currently own. In the bottle it's a gorgeous deep magenta pink, with insanely sparkly pink and subtle blue shimmer. I'd forgotten it dries to a texture finish, which was a nice surprise for me as i'm still loving the texture craze. I've provided photos with and without top coat, let me know which you prefer!

And here's a couple with top coat.. It really lightens up the pink and makes it pop! Plus I think it brings out the blue glitter a little more, which you can see in the direct sunlight photo. The topcoat I used is my new trusty Claire's Accessories - Gel Top Coat!

That's it for today, pretend you haven't seen this polish before and revel in it's beauty with me :)
Some nail art posts coming up soon so keep an eye out!
Becky x

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