Wednesday, 4 December 2013

12 DOC Advent Challenge: Candy Mania!

Hi people!
Apologies that this post is a day late, got home from work yesterday and put my head on my pillow for two seconds and.. zzzzzzzzzz. I was a very tired blogger indeed. But! Hopefully you wont mind the wait, as i think this look is one of my favourites so far :)

So today's (or yesterdays) challenge was to create a look based on candy canes! I ended up with a really bright, fun and cartoony manicure. It went down really well at work, i received loads of comments! I absolutely love it when people ask if my nails were done professionally and where i went to get them done, getting to say 'Oh no, i did these myself' always makes me feel good, even if it does seem trivial to some people. In fact that's why i called my blog Pause For Polish, because if someone stops just to look at your nails you know you've done a good job :)

Anyway, less talk, more nails!

To create this look i used:
Rimmel London - Mind The Gap Victoria
Sinful Colors - Hottie
Nails Inc - Un named Red (t'was a freebie!)
Barry M - White Nail Art Pen
Barry M - Black Nail Art Pen
Seche Vite - Top Coat

So what do you think? Certainly look festive don't they! Hottie by Sinful colors is one of my favourite glitter polishes, it's so gorgeous! These are really straight forward but i'd be happy to make a tutorial if anyone wants one :)

If you want to see all of the challenge posts together (there's only two so far) then pop over to my Facebook page and there's an album just for this 12 DOC challenge. Don't forget you can also enter my giveaway which ends on the 7th! Click the photo below to be taken to the page to enter :)

That's it for today, the next challenge should be up tomorrow!
Becky x


  1. Hi, I came here through WPNFF blogger bootcamp post. I like your blog - the background makes it easy to read. Your pictures are clear & shows off the art really well. My only comment/suggestion is to make your pictures slightly bigger and get a little closer on the nail art. :) Cheers! :)

    1. Hiya, thanks for picking my blog to review!
      Thank you for the helpful comments.. i've put a new camera on my christmas wish list so hopefully i should be able to get some closer/clearer shots! Will have to have a jiggle round on the layout so i can make the photos bigger as well :) xx

    2. If I may add to that (also joining in the WPNFF blogger bootcamp myself): I love the calmness of your blog, serene background, looks clean. It is so easy to focus on your nail art this way. Again lovely nail art, it looks perfect!
      What will help getting closer on the nail (like behappyandbuypolish suggested) is cropping your pictures. It will make them appear larger even if your images aren't. Plus I only just realised myself that when you place an image with blogger it automatically uses Medium size, clicking on it while you are editing the post will give you the option to pick Large or XL as well. I did that for my last 2 posts and think that small change does improve my own blog. You can also change the width of the blog through the template if you want it to be wider.

    3. Joining in with the WPNFF blogger bootcamp :D
      I like the layout in general and the backgrounds in particular. What I miss is social media/other ways to follow in the sidebar. You have no GFC, which is still rather a popular way to follow blogs, and I missed the Bloglovin' button because it was overshadowed by the British Beauty Bloggres' button. You may want to rearrange those and make Bloglovin' button more visible. I also find the snowflakes falling over the text too distracting.
      I like your nail art and find no fault there. Just keep up the good work. Maybe think about changing a hand position to something more natural. I know it is hard to capture nail art on all five fingers and have a natural-looking hand position, but I like pics where you hold the bottle much better than the ones where you don't hold anything. At this time of year I guess holding a Christmas tree ornament could do the trick.
      What I like best about your posts is the conversational tone - you start with a greeting, you ask questions, you call for interaction, you say goodbye. I think that is a very nice approach.
      I wish you happy and successful bloging.

    4. im also from the blogger bootcamp! I love the layout and the background, the soft tones go well together with the banner! i would also reccommend GFC, as it increases your social networks. I think youcould also crop your photos to focus on your nails, and thats all i can think of! Keep up the good blogging!
      i love the nails, they remind me of the candy crush game :D


  2. Love these, I did a candy cane water marble and have inlinkz on my blog if you want to add yours :)

    1. Aw thank you, have added it on! Love your marble nails.. haven't attempted marbling yet but might have to try them after seeing yours! :)

  3. These are great I really like the look with the canes well done :) xxxx

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. I think the nails are adorable!

      I'm also part of the WPNFF bootcamp. I like the colors that you have on the blog. The header is also very nice. The only thing I can think of in terms of improvement is a search box.

  5. I just wanted to let you know that I loved these nails so much that I used them as an inspiration yesterday for my 12 Days of Xmas challenge nails (food). :) I of course gave you a link back & credit! :)


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