Friday, 21 February 2014

Claire's Accessories Neon Purple Nail Art!

I think by now you all know how much I love using my nifty staff discount to pick up nail polish from work. Today was my last shift after 11 in a row, so i thought that deserved a little treat for myself! We got a new Neon polish in yesterday so i picked it up ready for some nail art for today. It's ultimately the perfect Claire's Accessories purple colour, and looks a million times yummier on your nails! 

I went for a gradient and accidentally went further on the blue than purple, so I haven't exactly done a great job of showing off the polish haha! But don't worry, i'm working on a big ol' Claire's swatch post.. so stay tuned for that bad boy :P

For this look I used:
Claire's Accessories - Neon Purple
Sinful Colours - Why Not
Barry M - Black & White Nail Art Pens
Claire's Accessories - Gel Top Coat 

Ohh, and look what we had today.. SUN! Was certainly happy to step outside and walk to work in glorious sunshine, even if it was still a little on the cold side. I'll ignore the fact it started raining half an hour later ;)

If you're interested Claire's have a range of about 8 Neon Polish colours at £3 for a bottle. Darker colours can be a one coater (a thick coat) and the lighter colours (yellow and orange) are best painted over a white.

Til next time! Becky x

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  1. I love this design and the colours! I've also nominated you for a Liebster award! My post is at


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