Monday, 10 February 2014

Cute Molang Nail art!

Hello there!

So since my last post i've somehow managed to double my Facebook fans.. uhh what?! Thank you! 
And how did i decide to repay this fan liking generosity i hear you ask? My going silent for a week. Hmm.

I can only apologise and make it up to you with this (and hopefully more) nail art posts. At the moment it seems as soon as i seem to pick myself up something just pops out of nowhere and i crash straight back down again. I'm trying to plod on through, and not let it effect me but if i'm honest all of my energy is going in to my job. Once i get home i'm straight in to my PJ's and either asleep or listening to sad music and playing the worlds smallest violin to myself.

Anywhom. Enough of self pity. I've kicked myself in to gear today and painted some cute Molang nail art for you guys! *yay something happy and not full of doooom*

Haven't heard of Molang? Shame on you. Check out this cute little bunny by clicking this linky majiggy.

For this look i used:
Claire's Accessories - Un named Blue, Green & Beige
Nails Inc - Red 
Barry M - Black & White Nail Art Pens
Born Pretty - Matte Top Coat

Hey Scamp.. Whatcha think of my nails? 
It's okay, i know you're excited really..

Oh and if you're wondering about the strawberries and ice cream, my nails were based around this Molang cartoon.. 

So that's it for today. Do you like this kind of nail art or do you prefer my simpler designs? I'd love to know so feel free to leave me a comment, and i'm always happy to have requests too! I'm sure i'll be creating some more Molang nails in the future, and Pusheen come to think of it :P

Thanks again for sticking with me during my low periods, let's hope they become few and far between.
Becky x


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