Thursday, 20 February 2014

Sinful Colors - Mint Apple Aztec (ish) Nail Art

I promise you i haven't disappeared again.. I'm settling in to a pattern of posting once weekly, and then any other nail art i can fit in will be a little added bonus for you guys. I was preparing to do a 'naked nails' post, as i've been religiously using OPI - Nail Envy for a few weeks now, after recovering from three nasty breaks on my left hand. It was working wonders, until half term hit. If anyone else works in retail and manages to keep their nails long PLEASE let me in on your secret! My nails really do take a battering at work, especially when we have a lot of ear piercings as the hand sanitizer destroys my hands. So of course, i broke a nail. So i now have my nubbins back, shorter than ever. 
Despite this, i still treated myself to a new polish yesterday. Sinful Colors - Mint Apple is a gorgeous pale green, with a really subtle pink shimmer. It's so pretty i wish i'd left my nails bare and not bothered with nail art. But at 11o'clock at night you never make sound decisions! For this look i only used one thick coat but i'd suggest two thin coats for maximum opaqueness. 

For this look i used:
Sinful Colors - Mint Apple
W7 - Salt n Pepper
Barry M - Black and White Nail Art Pens
Claire's Accessories - Gel Top Coat

I can't believe i resisted buying this beauty for so long! Sinful Colors you never let me down :)

Stay tuned as i'm feeling like doing some nail art tonight, will hopefully post something tomorrow night as well!
Becky x

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